Daniel Elliott


Daniel Elliott was first elected as Indiana’s treasurer in 2022, winning 61% of the vote and vowing on his campaign website to “oppose ESG… for Indiana investments,” claiming that the practice “force[s] investors to follow woke corporate strategies vs sound financial principles.”

Prior to being elected treasurer, Elliott served in local government as a Morgan County councilman (2016–20) and president of the Morgan County Redevelopment Commission (2013–22). He has also served as chair of the Morgan County Republican Party since 2013 and promoted his 2022 campaign by saying that he would be “a strong voice for conservative values [who] has taken on the Liberal Left.” 

From 2007–22, Elliott worked as president and chief software architect at Intelli-Leap, an IT business he founded with his wife. On LinkedIn he notes that he attended Utah Valley University but doesn’t indicate any degrees earned.


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