Eric Bledsoe


Eric Bledsoe is a visiting fellow at the Opportunity Solutions Project (OSP), the 501(c)(4) political action arm of the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), where he is a senior fellow. In both capacities, he provides significant state-level anti-ESG lobbying. 

Bledsoe has lobbied in support of a number of anti-ESG bills in Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, and Montana. “Pension funds are not meant to be slush funds for activists, and using ESG to funnel money towards far-Left causes is underhanded and irresponsible,” he stated in an OSP press release. Keeping with OSP/FGA’s “anti-woke” posturing, he co-wrote an op-ed in support of a Missouri “education reform” bill that opposes “infusing lessons with politically trendy ideologies or shutting out parents.” 

Prior to joining FGA/OSP, Bledsoe worked as the senior director of civics at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and as a program officer at the Charles Koch Foundation.

Bledsoe holds two degrees in English: a bachelor’s from the Catholic University of America and a master’s from Florida State University.


  • Spoke at a February 23, 2024 Alliance Defending Freedom press conference in Tennessee promoting “Tennessee House Bill 2100, which protects consumers from de-banking because of their religious and political views” alongside Tennessee Representative Jason Zachary (R); Tennessee Senator Jack Johnson (R); ADF Senior Counsel Matt Sharp; National Committee for Religious Freedom Senior Advisor Matt Goddard; and a representative from Association of Mature American Citizens (2/23/24)
  • Bledsoe has lobbied for anti-ESG legislation in the following states:

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