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Inspire Investing is an asset management firm that describes itself as a leader in “biblically responsible investing” (BRI) and offers a counterbalance to “secular Wall Street firms [that] tilt toward progressive, liberal values.” In practical terms, that means campaigning against investments in companies that support ESG principles, manufacture or distribute abortion-inducing medication, or that support and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people. 

Inspire has a fleet of Christian financial advisers, investment funds and portfolios, and uses an Inspire Impact Score methodology with an online tool for screening companies and funds to determine whether or not they align with its biblical convictions. Inspire claims to manage over $2 billion in assets. 

Former Wells Fargo investment banker Robert Netzly founded Inspire in 2015, claiming that god inspired him to do so. In the past few years, the firm has done an about-face in terms of ESG investing. Initially, it stated in 2019 that it would embrace “faith-based ESG,” yet in August 2022, Netzly announced that Inspire was “renouncing ESG” due to its clear “social-Marxist agenda.” 

Inspire Investing is a “collaborating partner” of the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). It recently worked with ADF on its Viewpoint Diversity Score initiative, which received a $100,000 Innovation Prize from The Heritage Foundation in 2022.



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