Julie Ellsworth


Julie Ellsworth was reelected as Idaho’s state treasurer in 2022 and serves as national policy vice chair of the State Financial Officers Foundation. A lifelong resident of the state, she previously served two stints in the Idaho House of Representatives—from 2010–12 and from 1996– 2006. 

Ellsworth earned a BS in education at Brigham Young University in Utah and has taught in Idaho’s public schools. She is next up for reelection in 2026.


  • Signed an Advancing American Freedom coalition letter to leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives demanding that “The Woke 401(k) Rule Must Be Repealed” (3/28/23)
  • Signed a letter to Morningstar asking the company to stop its negative ratings of firms connected to Israel (8/25/22)
  • Created What is ESG?, a video exaggerating threats posed by ESG investing (7/19/22)
  • Signed a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission opposing the proposed rule known as The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors (6/17/22)
  • Hosted an “Educational Roundtable on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)” at the Idaho State Capitol with U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID), Vivek Ramaswamy, SFOF CEO Derek Kreifels, Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks, Idaho State Rep. Sage Dixon, and Idaho State Sen. Steve Vick (6/7/22)
  • Signed the SFOF letter opposing the FDIC proposed principles on climate-related financial risk management for large financial institutions (6/3/22)
  • Signed a letter from Idaho officials objecting to the S&P’s use of ESG criteria in state credit ratings (5/18/22)
  • Signed a letter to the Department of Labor opposing possible agency actions to protect life savings and pensions from threats of climate-related financial risk (5/16/22)
  • Co-sponsored SB 1405, which states that “No public entity engaged in investment activities shall consider environmental, social, or governance characteristics in a manner that could override the prudent investor rule” (signed into law on 03/28/2022)
  • Signed a comment letter to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board regarding ESG practices in the municipal securities market (3/8/22)
  • Signed a letter opposing the proposed Department of Labor rule change entitled Prudence and Loyalty in Selecting Plan Investments and Exercising Shareholder Rights (12/13/21)
  • Signed letter to banking industry warning that state financial officers “will be taking collective action in response to the ongoing and growing economic boycott of traditional energy production industries by U.S. financial institutions.” (11/22/21)
  • Signed letter to John Kerry expressing “deep concern with recent reports” that the Biden administration is “privately pressuring U.S. banks and financial institutions to refuse to lend to or invest in coal, oil, and natural gas companies.” (5/25/21)
  • Signed an SFOF letter urging President Biden to withdraw his nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin as vice chair for supervision at the Federal Reserve for her “radical banking and economic views” that would “disrupt the private banking sector, reliable energy supplies, and the U.S. economy.” (1/31/21)

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