Public Trust Advisors

Diamond-Level Sponsor


Based in Denver, Colorado, Public Trust Advisors is an SEC-registered investment adviser founded in 2011 to provide fixed-income investment advisory services to a variety of investors, including in the public sector and local government. The company states its belief that “investment management services for the public sector should grow your community while putting your local government first.” Public Trust Advisors claims that “everything [it does] is in an effort to maximize investment income returned.”

As of September 2022, Public Trust Advisors is a diamond-level sponsor of SFOF (which no longer lists its donors on its website).

Public Trust Advisors also sponsors SFOF meeting events, including its 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala & Banquet, the welcome dinner at the 2021 Fall National Meeting, and the welcome dinner at the 2021 National Meeting.

Public Trust Advisors CEO Tom Jordan was awarded SFOF’s 2020 Economic Freedom Award.


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