Steven Johnson


Steven Johnson was first elected as state treasurer of Kansas in November 2022, unseating the Democratic incumbent who had been appointed by the governor two years earlier.

According to The Topeka Capital Journal, Johnson’s campaign stood out for its use of “humorous ads about a mundane office.” In one ad, he was portrayed as a school kid who was “a real stickler on the lunch budget” while his opponent was said to have wanted to “overtax people” ever since she was in grade school. His primary ads also poked fun at the role of state treasurers in dealing with issues such as “reamortization of pensions, legislative hearings and paying off debt.” They also accused his primary opponent of voting for “the largest tax hike in Kansas history” as a state senator, neglecting to mention that Johnson actually voted for the same legislation himself during his tenure as a state representative. 

Johnson served as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives from 2011–23 and worked for 20 years at Ameriprise Financial. A native of Kansas, he is a fifth-generation farmer and businessman who earned a BS in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 



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