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Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen (R) appointed Tom Briese as state treasurer effective Nov. 1, 2023 to complete the term of his predecessor, John Murante, who stepped down to become director of the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Board, which oversees the agency that administers the state’s retirement plans. 

As treasurer, Briese “pledged to continue Murante’s work toward moving investments away from firms that steer investments based on environmental, social and governance concerns,” according to an article in the Nebraska Examiner

Prior to being appointed treasurer, Briese served in the Nebraska legislature for six years (2017–23). As a state senator, he championed conservative causes, campaigning most recently on a platform that promised to lower property taxes and control government spending. In response to a fellow Republican legislator who voted against an anti-abortion bill, Briese introduced a constitutional amendment in the state that would allow Nebraska voters to recall officials. He also held press conferences with and introduced legislation commended by the Platte Institute, a right-wing think tank based in Nebraska that’s affiliated with the State Policy Network

Before embarking on a political career, Briese worked as a soybean farmer. He holds degrees from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the University of Nebraska College of Law.



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