Jessica Anderson


Jessica Anderson is the founding president of Heritage Action’s super PAC, the Sentinel Action Fund, and former executive director of Heritage Action for America, the political advocacy arm of The Heritage Foundation. During the Trump administration, she served as associate director of intergovernmental affairs and strategic initiatives at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). She is also a founding board member of the suburban-mom-focused nonprofit N2 America and founding president of the pro-Trump super PAC Moms for Safe Neighborhoods. Anderson’s first political job was at the Civitas Institute, a free market think tank in North Carolina.

In 2021, Democrats in Iowa’s House of Representatives named Anderson in a lawsuit for violating the state’s lobbying rules. That same year, Mother Jones reported on a leaked video in which she boasted to donors about Heritage Action’s role in drafting and coordinating model voter suppression laws in Georgia, Iowa, Florida, and Arizona.

An outspoken anti-abortion advocate, Anderson is a frequent guest on FOX News, FOX Business, and Newsmax, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Caller and the Daily Signal. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida.


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